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We are the FIRST revolutionary interest rate derivatives exchange on Arbitrum. STRIPS was designed to allow users to trade, speculate, and hedge interest rates.

STRIPS cutting edge AMM technology allows for cross-chain yield markets on the most popular DeFi and CeFi platforms.

Boost Yield Farm Returns
  • Supercharge yield farm returns with only 10% collateral
  • Borrow at fixed cost and earn higher yield farm returns
Enable Advanced Trading ideas
  • Capture interest rate differences between markets 
  • Speculate on convergence and divergence between fixed and floating interest rates
Capital Efficiency in trading interest rates
  • Speculate on upside/downside of DeFi protocols and/or  CeFi’s funding rates  through our perpetual interest rate swaps with 10x leverage
Lock in lending or borrowing APY
  • Hedge your interest rates  with Strips with certainty
Stake Liquidity
  • Stake in AMM to earn trading fees and rewards
  • Stake in Insurance to earn insurance fees and rewards



the FULL potential
of DeFi with new and exciting interest rates markets  
Unlimited Trading Strategies
with hedging, leveraging, and arbitrage  
Upto10x Boost through leverage on yield farms  
SECURE your APY In the highest yield farms through  our fixed rates market  
EARN money as you trade with our innovative AMM payout system  
Unprecedented Capital Efficiency through our ultra low collateral requirements  

The world’s smartest AMM paired with incredible speed. Explore new markets never before seen. Experience so responsive, every interaction feels new again. Exceptional durability, a huge leap in risk management


STRP Token Fundamental Use Cases

STRP is a governance as well as utility token Decentralized Ecosystem
Stake STRP to earn protocol trading fees
Receive trading profits from Strips AMM
Receive profits from Strips Insurance Pool
STRP-USDC LP tokens will power everything thus creating an extra layer of liquidity

Innovative token value capture system


Our future in DeFi


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