Frequently Asked Questions

When was the token launch?

Our Token Generation Event TGE was on Oct 13 on MISO and Polkastarter.

Max initial token supply: 4,710,000 STRP $23.5M.

You can purchase the tokens on ETH chain, Mainnet will be launched on Arbitrum and BSC.

You can buy on and also in:

a. Sushiswap (ETH):

b. Sushiswap (USDC):

c. Uniswap (ETH):

– Additional rewards to stakers on top of AMM trading fees include
– Insurance Pool: liquidation profits + realized profits + unstake fee distribution + $STRP
– Interest Rate Pool: realized profits + $STRP
– Governance Pool: STRP Governance tokens for raising proposals

We are also planning utilitarian NFT giveaways, where “equipping on your wallet” will bring about certain perks such as lower trading fees or staking boosts.

We have back tested and continuously back testing our models for the environment. According to our model, stakers were able to consistently earn 20+% with 5+ Sharpe from trading fees and marketing making pnl.

Of course, we can never have the most perfect scenario

We are interest rates derivatives, and fixed income structured products, DyDx only does btc, eth, coins etc. interest rates are 26x larger than the stock market. if you think crypto will become as big as the stock market, then interest rates will become 26x bigger than that

Less Gas fees and speedier transactions

As you’ve read from our medium articles, we’ve raised $10M+ in funding prior to the IDO and $4.25M from IDO.

Keep in mind there will never be more that 100M STRP so in the case that there is extremely high demand, there will inevitably be large market instability and ultimately exaggerated dumping (such as ICP). In order to prevent this the treasury is used as

1) backstop by providing stability
2) powers the future ecosystem (tokenomics)
3) funding for operations/community rewards
4) grow the network and create partnerships with other protocols in the future
6) custodial services to improve our protocol’s market position in the future.

The emission schedule as you can see from the image is a linear vested schedule with the max supply fully circulating within 36 months.

At the end of the day, the treasury is on ether scan so you can check it out yourself. Thank you for your patience and understanding we are not a meme coin so we don’t have 100x rises and falls (exactly what we as a community should avoid).

Token Distribution
Ticker: STRP**
Team tokens: 15% of tokens with 3 years vesting**
Seed tokens: 10% of tokens with 3 years vesting**
Advisor tokens: 2% of tokens with 3 years vesting**
Private tokens: 10% of tokens with 2 years vesting**
Treasury: 15% of tokens**
Public IDO: 1% of tokens**
Community: 47% of tokens**

Maximum token supply: 100m**

Initial circulation at IDO was 4.7M $STRP at roughly $23.5M. You can read more about our emission schedule on our whitepaper


Coingecko is correct, we misrepresented the private/seed investor vesting schedule for the launch so actually their monthly vest is not as high as in the 4.7M calc.
If you really want to investigate, you can calculate for yourself by the # of holders (
The first one is our vesting contract, the second one is our treasury so simply looking at that 100M – (87.7M + 10M) = ~2.3M

Max will be 100M $STRP

Our token is unique in the sense that every part of it powers an ecosystem that promotes AMM robustness which in turn powers its own appreciation.

The utility portion is charged by the STRP-USDC LP tokens being the native token for staking in our AMM and Insurance pool to earn rewards and trading fees.

Users can then choose to stake in the insurance pool (protects ecosystem), the interest rates market (enhances liquidity), or the governance pool (decentralized government) all of which ultimately pays out stakers AMM trading fees. We say token appreciation because the better the AMM does, the more trading fees it pays out to stakers, which then creates more demand for $STRP, ultimately increasing token value.

The EXACT figure I can’t give you, but we can use the power of logic + math to figure out a close estimate~
Lifetime Tokens: 100,000,000 $STRP
Private Investors: 10% = 10,000,000$STRP/36Mo = 277,777$STRP/Mo
Seed Investors: 10% = 10,000,000$STRP/36Mo = 277,777 $STRP/Mo

A crypto token in case anyone needs to recall the definition- is essentially a crypto coin based on a blockchain platform that can be exchanged with another blockchain, and that provides many incentives to the holders of said token.

We are taking a wholly different approach by building a derivatives first platform. This enables 1) traders to be able to long and short 2) up to 28x leverage (plans to increase to 100x) 3) AMM model


Anybody within the STRP community can raise a proposal and start a vote for certain bonds/fixed income products through STRP governance token (received through staking in governance). Once passed the product will be introduced by the AMM and the collateral for the pool will begin from the governance vote tokens (this portion is still under development so may change in the future)

Holding POLS in your wallet as opposed to staking on-chain on the Polkastarter website.
If you are holding in your wallet you are required to hold for 7 days prior to Whitelist close (10/8) so you are already late.
Now you can stake on and stake/lock for 7days from the day you stake so you can still be eligible for Whitelist.