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The moment of creation is my passion. I was born in a small town in Russia where although beautiful, it lacked fun activities. I was introduced to coding in elementary school and instantly fell in love with the way you can imagine, build, and launch an entirely new world from the palm of your keyboard; and most importantly, it works! It is during this period of creation where I can truly feel the excitement of the unknown becoming the known. 

Fear the kick practiced 10,000 times over the 10,000 kicks practiced once. Bruce Lee’s quote always reminds me of the power of iteration in development. 

My alpha comes from my acute ability to iterate a solution for almost any problem that is in front of us. I have a strong all or nothing personality and once my mind is set on something, I go through all potential solutions and counter solutions in true agile form. We instill the spirit of “do something with everything, or you choose to do nothing” to stay efficient with our time and resources and spark creativity. 

All can be revealed with the scientific approach. Isaac Asimov opened my world to universal scientific principles, Theodore Dreiser introduced the importance of emotional balance during the most difficult situations, and Linus Torvalds sparked my appreciation for simplicity within complexity. All three authors touch upon the key principles of progressive discovery and learning through scientific discipline, which we use daily for solving complex problems with seemingly no perfect solutions from precedent.

Solve meaningful problems. The commoditization of development has been hindering innovation by providing developers with ready made code that you can Frankenstein into your project for a “good enough” solution. At Strips, we are tackling issues that have plagued DeFi since its inception with our own original framework. It is here where our team comes to life as we create the solutions to problems that stunt the growth of DeFi; all within a community of open discussion and impactful engineering. We believe if the problem you are solving is not meaningful, what are you really solving?

The future is now. Within the next decade, DeFi will be the biggest sector in finance and the innovations of today are becoming the way of life tomorrow. As we work towards building a better future for ourselves, we also understand that we must be responsible for our efforts now and do our parts in creating a strong foundation.