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People centric products lead to success. My first highschool job involved B2B sales at one of the world’s first cloud storage start-ups and as a frontier member. It was here that I understood that success was directly correlated to our relationships with fellow frontier communities. 

Communities power innovation. I was a stargazer since birth and always marvelled at the fact that a community of stars powered space into actual conscious living beings. In the same way, the power of community has been supercharging innovation within the DeFi space.

Our collective superpower within this space is our ability to harness the power of community to supercharge innovation and reengineer legacy industries for the new age. We are always reaching for the stars; worst case, you’ll land on the moon.

Consistent achievement is my passion. I was always told that I was overachieving and to slow down. I believe life is a journey to become the best version of yourself and to slow down progress for the sake  of slowing down would only lead to underachieving your potential. This is one of the key principles I stand by and continue to instill in our team’s core.

Fair competition is a positive sum game. In DeFi, there’s an explosion of innovation and simultaneously not enough. The sheer potential applications of blockchain technology just keeps expanding as we continue to develop and this leads to a positive sum game. Similar projects early on, take on an entirely different outlook from each other just a few months later due to the new market that got created by its own development. 

Only the best can conceive the best. Our belief in people ties into our team strategy where we leverage the best people in their collective industry to join Strips in creating the foundations of the emerging DeFi industry. The finance and technology industry arguably pools together the best minds and we understand there is no convention to brilliance. Our people-centric core values cultivate passion and creativity with our team, which is then transmitted to our entire community.

Our vision is to innovate our aging financial system into the 21st century. Today’s traditional financial infrastructure (TradFi) is rife with nontransparent pricing systems done behind closed doors, and settlement processing inefficiencies that take weeks which leaves precious capital under-utilized, and expensive logistics that deter innovation. With the onslaught on Ai and blockchain technology, these nuances are becoming more and more unacceptable. We are at the forefront of creating solutions to TradFi issues within a DeFi world by legitimizing/innovating market transparency, instant settlement, and automated clearing. We have statistical evidence that decentralised finance will eat traditional finance, and interest rate markets will be the largest of all.