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When I was young, I was like Hermione Granger (in philosopher’s stone) with strong self-expression, until I realized that the smartest person in the room doesn’t necessarily go on to save the world. It’s the person with the most courage.

I have two superpowers. First is episodic memory, in terms of work, I remember at what time, who proposed what, and why we did or did not choose certain solution, and I keep notes of *almost* everything. 

Second is extremely detailed reasoning. I make up scenarios based on logical reasoning and deduct outcomes of all scenarios with its probability and each of them will have an appropriate solution. I act like Herman Lamm: I always have a back up plan for a back up plan, though I hope I am not as unfortunate as Lamm. There are always unexpected situations, so the more I prepare in advance, the more time I leave to myself to work on the unexpected ones. 

Philosophy is an everchanging pursuit. Growing up in many different places and cultures, I have learnt to be open to different cultures and philosophies. There are certain philosophies that work at different times in culture. 

My all time favorite book is Ökonomisch-philosophische Manuskripte aus dem Jahre 1844

I joined crypto because too many people in Trad-Fi work like little hamsters running on a wheel: they work for the sake of working. You don’t expect people like that will make the financial system more robust and efficient.

Don’t fear suffering. The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire – we are a team of springs, we are resilient and stoic enough to go through any struggle and adapt ourselves to the changing environment. Our team will never sit here and hope the ball lands at their feet. We move the ball forward.

My prediction of DeFi is that It will be the infrastructure that overtakes whole traditional financial systems, and introduces a bit more discipline into a world with too much helicopter money.