What is Yield Farming?

The futurist movements in blockchain are often at the forefront of innovation. One new concept introduced as part of this ideology is yield farming. It enables you to earn rewards by using liquidity protocols on supported wallets without owning them outright – i.e., “yielding.” The potential of leveraged yield farming is to allow anyone to earn passive income using the decentralized ecosystem of “Money Legos” built on Ethereum. As a result, this may change how investors HODL in the future.

Why Yield Farming?

Ease of use

DeFi Yield Farming benefits you in several ways, one of them being the ease with which you can use it. In essence, the abundance of crypto yield farming tools means that it is easy to keep track of your investments. Their simple user interface makes them perfect for checking projects’ availability and selecting the crypto value to deposit – all in one place, which STRIPS is here to help you with.


You also do not need to be tech-savvy for these services to work – they come equipped as user-friendly applications that are self-sufficient. Thanks to high interoperability between different types of networks such as crypto wallets and Ethereum transactions, those requirements are usually enough.

Opportunity to earn

Returning to the most important advantage in store, is the opportunity to make a lot of money. If you have invested your funds in protocols as an early bird, you can really change the game for yourself. The existence of solid ROI for investors has been making it possible, and the market continues its upward trend. This makes people want to get involved while the prices are still low.

Yield Farming crypto is not only lucrative but also one of the most exciting investments. With simplified regulations and increasing adoption rates, yield farming can continue to thrive as it has done so far- with high liquidity coming from its participants.

How Strips can help?

Strips. Finance, one of the best yield farming crypto, allows you to trade, speculate and hedge your investments. The STRIPS contract has been designed with cutting-edge AMM technology in mind for cross-chain yield markets. By supercharging return opportunities from investing 10% collateral-free, you can generate higher yields than ever before while still adhering closely by borrowing at a fixed cost!